Four things I say about Christianity that offend Christians

Christianity is Christians.  Christians like to say there is something transcendent about the faith that one should see even if the followers themselves are not acting virtuous.  There may be but I and many others fail to see it.  To us religion is as religion does.

The lifeboat is nailed to the main ship—experiences of God are subject to the vagaries of your mental health.  When your mental health is it its worst experiences of God will disappear or even turn against you.  What this means is when people peddling the faith promise you experiences of God they’re also promising you a modicum of mental health which begs the question, how is this promise of health any different than the promises the preachers on TV dole out?

You shouldn’t have to be the one putting forth effort when you digest the idea of God loving you.  Basically right after they tell you that God loves you they tell you that you have to have faith that Jesus did this and that for you.  In a natural love situation the other party puts forth effort to make their love known seamlessly.  It’s like those employment opportunities where the potential employee requires you to pay something.  That’s not how it works.

Hope from God is a byproduct of a healthy faith in God.  From personal experience, when my faith was falling apart there wasn’t any access to hope.  Maybe it was just because I had serious depression but I think there is something here.  Would you write checks against an account at a bank you didn’t believe was solvent?  How can you pray the Psalms when you don’t really believe the Bible to be the word of God in any sort of capacity?

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