Self-Worth Ramblies

There is no way to strike a balance between the idea you have innate worth and the idea that you don’t.  It’s like asking someone “is a car coming?”.  It is or it isn’t and based on that information your next step will be drastically different.  You are going to be treated one way or the other and the lower you fall in society the more obvious it will become when you are treated as if you had innate worth.

Poor self-image comes not from someone not believing they have innate worth, but from the blowback one receives from believing they do.  It’s a pathetic fact that this society plays lip service to the idea that people have innate worth and expects them to believe it on paper.  Actions tell people a different story about their worth than words do.  Of course there is the temptation to double down on the words but the process often produces more misery and consternation.

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