Faith can get cooked.  Cooking is an entropic endeavor where one leaves its current state permanently for another.  I give the example of the bank.  One does business with this bank casually ignorant of its inner workings and solvency.  Then the economy sours to the point where the bank is on its last legs and the word gets out.  So people withdraw money from said bank (putting the faith in its solvency to the test) and/or hide their money in their mattress (demonstrating their zero faith in said bank).  Things have come to a head and the faith that was once easy has been cooked—mutated beyond recognition.

Christians expect one to have faith without expecting anything to be different.  For example if people say they’re “praying for you” one might expect them to do something besides praying.  But this is putting their faith to the test.  But expecting nothing shows one doesn’t have faith at all.

(something similar see Scientific Method Monster game)

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