One of the things that often goes unmentioned is that one needs a car (or at least a ride) to get to church.  This is because a lot of churches are not on public transportation routes and even when they are, many places on Sunday the buses don’t run enough to make it practical to use them.  A lot of churches talk about wanting to be multi-ethnic and embracing those with disabilities but they don’t seem to realize that by requiring people to have a car they are excluding many people of color (who are generally poorer and often don’t have cars) and those with disabilities whose impairments often make driving impossible.

Christians like to say the life-giving parts of the faith are incarnational, not academic.  But if someone can’t get to a church they are locked out of this benefit.

I have a visual impairment disability that is just bad enough to render me unable to drive.  In 2013 I asked for a ride to two different churches and got turned down.

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