Therapist Improvements

I think therapists are the ones who need help!  People aren’t going to them as much as they used to.  So I give them perspective from an older millennial.

Counsel on how people need to face the world needs to be gleaned from real-world experience, not idealistic academic material.  For example, social anxiety is often a fitting adaptation to a hostile social environment and one needs different tools to manage in said environment.  In sports lingo, they say practice how you play.  Academia has this Palagian view of man that says man is basically good, or at least the bad in him or her can be educated or socialized out of them.  This is experientially untrue (and politically incorrect to believe).  Our culture has adapted to hide verbal expressions of evil but the kinetic expressions are still there, sometimes even more strong (because they can’t be expressed any other way) than when we didn’t have our verbal correctness fetish.

People need to be told the truth, even—and especially—when it hurts.  Therapists are afraid they’ll lose their clients if they tell them what they really need to hear so they dance around things.  This isn’t helpful to the client at all.  There is this myth that our (the millennial) generation likes to be coddled.  We are used to being coddled to an extent but that doesn’t necessarily mean we like it.  We have seen so much inauthenticity that we can see right through it as clear as glass.  So when someone tells us the truth it may shock, startle, and hurt us but most of us will still appreciate it.  In my life no one would tell me that church people didn’t talk to me because I didn’t have a real job.  I waited years and finally someone of the older generation told me.

Unfinanced worth mandate.  Every once in awhile congress will pass a huge spending bill without appropriating funds to finance it.  There are a lot of things in our culture like this.  For example the cultural belief that one has innate worth.  This was once a Christian ideal sometimes lived up to in tight knit communities.  However as the boomers got older it morphed from an ideal to a mandate.  And, as the erosion of community and family happened, one less and less “financed” by evidence.  But you’re paying therapists so of course they’re going to tell you you have innate worth.  And if you start with the evidence-based belief that you don’t they are going to slap you with a pathological label rather than lauding your skills in logic and perception.

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