Psychology is not truth.  It shifts shapes depending on who is paying whom.

When the ad men pay psychologists they are told not to get a brand too closely associated with ethnic minorities.  Pepsi actually tried to market to blacks in the 1940’s.  It worked but then the Pepsi brand got associated with the minority and white people stopped drinking it.  So Pepsi returned to putting white people in their ads.  The overarching principle here is that a person’s value is based on how close they are to privilege, and value cascades from the top down, it is conferred to you by culture derived from your privilege, health, wealth, and physical appearance.

When individuals pay psychologists they get near the opposite.  Suddenly constituents have “innate worth” separate from privilege, health, wealth, and physical appearance.  Value is purported to bubble from the bottom up.

It doesn’t matter which one of these is more true more of the time because psychology is not beholden to science.  It may take advantage of science sometimes to move it forward but it certainly doesn’t answer to it.

In this world the way people are treated usually reveals that value cascades from the top down rather than bubbling from the bottom up.  This means the best thing a therapist can do is ask their clients which people lower in society in their lives they are ignoring and denigrating and get them to stop ignoring and denigrating said people.

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