Disability and Prayer

I see this Republican disability cut thing as Christian hatred of unanswered prayer. They can’t resent God directly so they do so vicariously through individuals with disabilities (who definitely are flesh and blood manifestations of a “prayers don’t work” zone). Of course they cover it up claiming they are trying to go after those scamming the system (which there are many) which would make sense if their policy was to aggressively go after these people instead of across the board cuts.

So I say Christians, stop using the lest among us (people with disabilities) as a proxy to take out your resentments on your deity’s inaction. If you have an issue with God not answering prayer, take it up directly with him.

I know I’m culpable for the prayers I send up that don’t work.   For example, when I applied for a job at a Christian organization and they turned me down on account of the gaps on my resume.  You can bet your bottom dollar if I could have gotten my prayers to work I’d have been working almost all that time.  Another example of when prayer works, God gets credit and when prayer doesn’t, the person gets blamed.

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