Trump really resonates

There is a fascinating Reddit post on Trump’s appeal to the working class.  I think the conventional thinking of Republican strategists was that the rich white people would call the shots and the poor white people would fall in line voting against their economic interests as long as the conservative media played up culture war issues.  Trump shows that logic no longer works.  Poor white people want what all people want, jobs.  Trade deals, immigration, and offshoring have gutted the kinds of jobs these people could get.  And Trump is the only candidate that promises to fight against these things.  As a web developer who has to price their work to compete with companies in India (where the cost of living is magnitudes cheaper), Trump’s message really resonates with me.  His antics have pushed me away from ever voting for him but I can understand why someone would give him their vote.

It’s just funny to me the Republican elites wringing their hands over losing a block of voters they never gave a rip about in the first place.  The poor cohort of the Republican party has decided to abandon the rich cohort.

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