Ways Things Are Better Now Than They Used to Be

In our hyper negative isolated existence it is difficult to step out of our current situation and see how, in some ways, things have really gotten a lot better.

Abuse is a lot less hidden. Obviously all the sexual and other abuse reaching the news cycle makes the world seem like a worse place but for the victims it is a good thing. The fact that abusers are called out much sooner also means abusers will think twice about taking advantage of victims. Bill Cosby was a serial rapist and it didn’t come out for decades. If someone were to do that today victims would be much more likely to come out.

You can correspond with your doctor between appointments. When I had eye problems in the early 2ks I so badly wanted to correspond with my doctors but back then you couldn’t email your doctors because the security wasn’t up to snuff to handle medical information. Now with patient portals that has been solved and my dad goes back and forth with his doctor all the time. Of course this does make a doctor’s job harder now than it used to be.

There are better special education options in schools. A lot of people were understandably angry when Betsy DeVoss wanted to cut special ed programs but just the fact that they were an expense Republicans thought worth cutting shows how far we have come. When I was in high school in the 90’s they didn’t have much. Now they have a lot of help for people of various functioning levels at the elementary level and supports for those in high school who have various challenges.

Going out has become a lot more convenient. In the car GPS and traffic overlays will reroute you when congestion gets too bad. Maps with reviews will lead you to better quality non chain restaurants. Cell phones make it so there are a lot less missed connections and people can make plans to meet at a specific place and notify the group if plans change at the last minute. So much of Seinfeld revolved around missed connections. If they would have had today’s technology a lot of that would have been eliminated (but it would have been less funny).

Entertainment options are much better. It’s easier than ever to discover good bands with streaming, websites, and YouTube. Video is much clearer (high resolution) than it was even up to the 90’s. Cable TV is more expensive but you also get more (the ability to watch live and on demand TV on your computer and your mobile device). Netflix and the like provide a large library of shows to binge on.

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