group cohesion

I think religion was made for a society where group cohesion was of utmost importance.  This can be most perfectly seen in having to think the right things to end up in heaven.  Group cohesion was how things got done.  You couldn’t build a castle without a lot of willing, obedient subjects.  In this day and age […]

mental health treatments with extravagant promises

There’s a really easy way to tell whether a mental health treatment is likely effective.  If, when the treatment fails, the person gets blamed then the treatment’s effectiveness should be seriously called into question.  For example religion often makes all these extravagant promises and then when they don’t come to fruition the person shoulders the […]

A Bit on Millenials Leaving Christianity

Many people who left Christianity (including myself) left the faith because we took God up on his promises and found nothing.  The problem with our generation is we don’t really have anything else—careers, stable families and relationships, houses, etc…  We need the hope, peace, and joy God claims to provide.  The boomer generation that came […]

on the increasing volume of mass murderers

Mass shooting tragedies like the one in New Brunswick and Seattle Pacific University seem to be happening more and more often.  I am in a unique situation to give feedback on this because the perpetrators often have spec sheets like me–male, angry, withdrawn, mentally ill/aspergers, etc.. Decline of the church as an active force in […]

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