Faith can get cooked.  Cooking is an entropic endeavor where one leaves its current state permanently for another.  I give the example of the bank.  One does business with this bank casually ignorant of its inner workings and solvency.  Then the economy sours to the point where the bank is on its last legs and […]

Things I Say that Offend Christians Part 2

Declines in hospitality will kill the church. Everybody wants to blame the internet for turning people away from the church.  It’s an easy target because it places the blame on faceless people on Reddit writing about the discrepancies between horse stalls reported in Kings and Chronicles when more should be placed closer to home.  The […]

Why the idea that experience of God can turn against you is so offensive to Christians

Christians, both Evangelical and Liberal, are united in that they hate the idea that one’s experience of God can turn on them.  That’s part of the reason why they don’t engage individuals with mental illnesses on a deeper level.  Some thoughts: This idea calls into question God’s power.  You would think if a god was […]

Four things I say about Christianity that offend Christians

Christianity is Christians.  Christians like to say there is something transcendent about the faith that one should see even if the followers themselves are not acting virtuous.  There may be but I and many others fail to see it.  To us religion is as religion does. The lifeboat is nailed to the main ship—experiences of […]

Question: Doubt

David Bazan made a gripping album about his break with Christianity and it was lauded by Christianity Today.  There is this current within evangelicalism of viewing doubt as a form of spiritual maturity.   Why would doubt—something that often ultimately leads to apostasy—be viewed as such a positive?  Why would milling around the edge of the […]

Why Evangelical Christianity is Ableist

Below are some reasons I think Evangelical Christianity is ableist (prejudiced against individuals with disabilities). Biblical portrayals. In the Bible, individuals with disabilities are portrayed as objects of pity who are broken.  This is particular true in the gospels.  After a cursory reading you come away with the idea that the only way to be […]

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