The Insidious Ableism of the Therapeutic Industrial Complex

Therapists demonize neediness and dependence.  Somehow we are all supposed to live in a world where we can live a self contained hyperindividualistic existence.  Unfortunately economic reality dictates that many of us can’t and certainly most of us with disabilities can’t.  What we can’t help being is what we’re not supposed to be.  If that […]


Psychology is not truth.  It shifts shapes depending on who is paying whom. When the ad men pay psychologists they are told not to get a brand too closely associated with ethnic minorities.  Pepsi actually tried to market to blacks in the 1940’s.  It worked but then the Pepsi brand got associated with the minority […]

You’re Not Allowed to Believe These Things

The lower you are in society the less you are allowed to believe.  The obvious manifestation of this is fundamentalist religion getting shoved down one’s throat but there are more nuanced ways it plays out as well.  There is this myth in America that we’re all equal and even though it’s patently false those of […]

Occupy Therapists

It’s easy to miss the therapeutic-industrial complex’s role in keeping positive change in check. Therapists tend to medicalize malaise.  If modern life is making your depressed it is because the chemicals in your brain are out of whack or some bad childhood experiences.  I’m not saying clinical depression isn’t real (I’m depressed probably half the […]

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