You’re Not Allowed to Believe These Things

The lower you are in society the less you are allowed to believe.  The obvious manifestation of this is fundamentalist religion getting shoved down one’s throat but there are more nuanced ways it plays out as well.  There is this myth in America that we’re all equal and even though it’s patently false those of […]

Occupy Therapists

It’s easy to miss the therapeutic-industrial complex’s role in keeping positive change in check. Therapists tend to medicalize malaise.  If modern life is making your depressed it is because the chemicals in your brain are out of whack or some bad childhood experiences.  I’m not saying clinical depression isn’t real (I’m depressed probably half the […]

Keeping Them In Their Place

Just like the economic haves and have-nots there are interpersonal haves and have-nots (though obviously the wealthier and closer one is to being of privilege the more likely they will be an interpersonal have).  Unsurprisingly there are forces keeping interpersonal mobility in check as near as your nearest therapist’s office. The dog-whistle “innate worth” trope.  […]

Distorted thinking of “distorted thinking” lists

Every once in awhile you will run across a “distorted thinking” list that claims depression makes you see the world in a way that it really isn’t.  Here are some thoughts on their line of thinking. People want to be given the benefit of the doubt even though they rarely deserve it.  Not trusting people […]

Therapy Roadblocks for Those Without Privilege

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is designed by white, upper middle class, non-disabled  people.  The further you are from this demographic the worse you will fare. The changes one is expected to make in order to better themselves are more likely to be met with roadblocks when one is far from privilege.  Most changes one makes to […]


The best detector of someone’s observable worth is an insecure person.  An insecure person gauges their and others’ worth based on their connection to worth-making sources such as strong brands, prestigious institutions, high-status people, etc…  A couple things can be gleaned from this.  First of all, there is an insecurity virtuous cycle where insecurity begets […]

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