Masculinity Toxic By Default

OK now the American Psychological Association has declared traditional masculinity toxic  (and so my love affair with modern psychology continues). So you’are saying men have to show emotion.  But emotion is like an oil well, something very hard to selectively control.  Society wants men to show emotion but only when it comprises a feat of […]

Redpill Psychology

Psychology has no conscience, it will give you the opposite thing depending upon who is paying whom.  I do not agree with all the things Redpill believe but I do believe they subscribe to a psychology that more correctly aligns with experienced reality. Bluepill vs Redpill psychology rubric Business to Consumer Psychology Disseminated to person […]

Where are all the good Christian men?

Women often lament the lack of good Christian men to marry. A Barna Group survey backs this up—only 38% of evangelicals are men. Why? As an ex-evalgelical I toss up some reasons. The commodification of men (verses the decommodification of women). The first thing you have is the oft-denied (but more often practiced) currents of […]

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