say what you want about stick up men and the dirty deed they perform but at least they’re honest if asked they would tell you they’re not here to dialogue some of my friends on the right need to learn from stick up men a threat to life and livelihood is not dialogue there is […]

Trump really resonates

There is a fascinating Reddit post on Trump’s appeal to the working class.  I think the conventional thinking of Republican strategists was that the rich white people would call the shots and the poor white people would fall in line voting against their economic interests as long as the conservative media played up culture war issues.  Trump shows that […]


Article on the wellness culture and overwork: We’re working longer hours than ever before, and as our employment conditions continue to worsen, they’re simply repackaged into a new version of normal in an effort to make the truly pathological state of many of our workplaces appear acceptable. And despite the fact that the very best […]

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