Masculinity Toxic By Default

Jan 13, 2019 | For Therapists, Men's Rights

OK now the American Psychological Association has declared traditional masculinity toxic  (and so my love affair with modern psychology continues).

So you’are saying men have to show emotion.  But emotion is like an oil well, something very hard to selectively control.  Society wants men to show emotion but only when it comprises a feat of strength (like emotionally supporting a partner).  At all other times they must suppress it.  I have had at least one woman cut me off when I was vulnerable with her about my mental health struggles.  

I am weak which is why men and women don’t respect me.  I can remember one time going out on a paddle boat with an autism group I helped run and melting down when I didn’t think we could paddle back to shore.  It didn’t garner me any respect with the other people in that boat.  Men are expected to be courageous and that necessitates suppressing emotion.  It is disingenuous for modern psychology to label something that has helped men survive and mate for millennia toxic.

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  1. Brian Robertson

    Because of the APA’s decision I had a eruption of apoplectic rage. A sign of hope in recovering from the toxic suppression of my emotions. Thank you, APA


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