Imperative to Virtue and Hope

Jun 24, 2020 | Christianity, Politics

Religion has an imperative to virtue so when it tells you to hope it presupposes that there will be a supportive community rallying behind you.

Modern psychology tells you not to lose hope but for different reasons. When there is no hope that means there needs to be structural changes in one’s environment to restore hope. Psychology is all about not making anyone lift a finger to help so there is no imperative to virtue built in.

You no doubt can’t turn away from the news. The younger generation has lost hope and now know those on top have no qualms about us dying of COVID as long as they can squeeze more productivity out of us. Bernie was our only hope and he got run out of town really fast.

They hate people who think for them selves. You know the world is really fucked up when you have to believe in woo to have hope. Well some of us can’t believe in woo, it doesn’t stick because it’s not real. Some people can suds up their emotions and build an elaborate fantasy world with all kinds of magical things but many of us cannot. We have the internet. We can pull out our phone and research any truth claim you send our way.


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