Is Man Basically Good?

Jul 18, 2020 | Christianity, For Therapists, Politics

I’ve gotten a lot of flack from liberals for not believing man is basically good. My experience has shown that a good portion of people are shitty when you need them most. Of course with all my pathologies I’m not one that generally attracts good people in the first place. Good people are like castles, they are generally moated and won’t let you in unless you have a lot to offer.

I think the battle verses good and evil is one each one has to fight within our selves. Most of us actually do OK so the statement that most people are good is true, but people extrapolate that to assume that man is basically good and that doesn’t hold water. This whole thing about abolishing the police is absolutely ridiculous. Five percent of the population commits 90% of the crime and these bad apples will run rampant should you dial back the policing of them.

I’m don’t hold a Calvinist view believing in total depravity but I understand that back in the olden days when you had a society that wasn’t so heavily policed you had to get people to behave and make their morality internal and the stick does a better job with that than the carrot. But I don’t think man is as good as modern psychology makes us out to be. I think that’s largely because psychology draws upon the experience of upper class people in developed countries who have generally been in a place of law and order and relative comfort.


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