God on Twitter, “I hate it”.

Feb 15, 2021

God has a few reasons why he hates Twitter so much!

Unfiltered disabled voices are finally seeing the light of day in their raw, undiluted form. Whether it be people on the spectrum who use alternative communication devices, people in wheelchairs, or those with psychiatric illnesses. When people want to hear about navigating a wheelchair ramp in the cold they seek out Twitter instead of a religious institution that usually doesn’t care about them anyway.

God hates people who work outside the normal confines. Black people finally decided all the institutions including the church were too corrupt or impotent so they just organized on Twitter under the Black Lives Matter moniker. The people organizing African Americans kept getting shot and jailed so they finally decided to organize headlessly via Twitter. But headless authority scares God more than anything because the ruse with religion was that there was some kind of head. The fact that there isn’t isn’t something those in power wanted people to know.

The wrong things come out on Twitter. The things people trumpet (like Bible verses) are what bring people to the faith while the things they keep hidden (like clergy abuse and honest questions they don’t dare ask in real life) are what draw them away. Twitter turns everything on its head because now people are opening up about things that usually were left in the dark. This can be seen in #metoo as well as other movements. Religion works best with charismatic authority figures like Ravi Zacharias who are above repute. You need to trust people and institutions before you trust God no matter who is telling you otherwise.


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