Rubric (Right sees Left, Left sees Right)

I think the liberal and conservative positions are just too far apart to really bridge.  At this point I think the best we can do is agree to disagree.  Below is a rubric that, while glib and non exhaustive, helps give some clarity as to why the two sides are so far apart.  Part of the problem is perception is so strong that it creates a reality all its own.

THE LEFT (as seen by the right) THE RIGHT (as seen by the left)
I relate to others by proxy via a nebulous “society”
Culture is so pervasive that people generally don’t make choices so much as they serve as a conduit to channel society’s norms
I relate to others person to person as distinct individuals
What one person does is what one person does.  You can’t generalize up from that one encounter.
The experience of my life (and my tribe) is a singularity
same planet, different world
My life can tap into a universal human experience
Western and Eastern tradition of great books that go back to the ancients which contain supercultural universal truths
Group policing from the top down produce a polity Atomized individual internal morals from the bottom up produce a polity
Man is basically good and with ample education will choose to do the right thing
starts out as a blank slate
Man is basically a moral agent of good or evil but starts out bent
(a lot of conservatives run businesses where they deal with the nature of man firsthand)
Being connected to wealth and privilege pays off Hard work pays off
Employer pitted against employee
(the less just a society the more power you need to override unjust actions)
Romanticizing of work and servanthood
Juncture incidents
success is fragile, even people with tons of privilege failing
incidents can keep people far from it
like felony conviction or disability based prejudice at job interview
(both of these can haunt one for the rest of their life)
Building a life
A power washing business a person started in high school that they built up over the years which eventually brought them success
Identity borne out of pain Identity borne out of pride
Taboos surrounding food Taboos surrounding sex
Psychology as religion
Psychology as arbiter of truth
Christianity and/or anglo exceptionalism as religion
The pharmacological man
The mind is what the brain does. Drugs give us the healing and the experience of the divine the ancients obtained via other means
The classical man
Man straight line from the ancients.
Advocacy of government services to help the poor
Fight gentrification meeting
Ad hoc service to the poor
Churches and faith based charities serving the poor
Raking a shut in’s yard
It is primarily the school’s responsibility to educate the kid It’s largely the parent’s responsibility to make sure the kid gets a good education
free will largely an illusion will power
The earth meant to share and pass on The earth meant to subdue
Micro aggression
Subtle words and actions that uphold oppressive hierarchies
Taking God’s name in vain
Guarded words
Singularity, privilege lacking groups cannot be criticized in the same way members of one religion can’t tell members of other religion what to do about their faith
(dislikes to despises political correctness)
Open for debate
Only when force isn’t in the process of being used (like taking women’s’ healthcare away)
Open for debate
Will steamroll over liberal taboos (like minorities fail partly due to personal responsibility)
Truth labeled as hate speech
Empowerment begets luck You make your own luck
Makers and takers  47%
Empowerment begets hope Achievement begets hope
Suffering destroys the self Suffering builds character
you’ll be a “better person” for it
Hanging in the air
your Shalom is my cold war
We’re good
Hyper Sensitive to rule breaking
wrong pronoun for trans person
Purity tests for intellectuals (Jordan Peterson)
Hyper sensitive to condescension
vilify arrogance,
(basket of deplorables)
making fun of Roy Moore supporters
Hate every opinion of theirs being branded as sexist/racist/homophobic
Those lower given benefit of the doubt
Trayvon Martin
Those higher given benefit of the doubt
Flippancy (saying something racist) is telling Flippancy  (saying something racist) blowing off steam
Feminism Men’s rights
Redpill MGTOW
Gun control Gun rights
Urbanites and coastal elite Flyover country rural
Liberal Deal breakers
Evangelical Christian specifically ones that think I deserve perdition for not believing
Against or uncomfortable with alternative lifestyles and sexual orientations
Conservative deal breakers
on Medicaid, food stamps, section 8, disability
had an abortion (sometimes)
LGBTQA+ (sometimes)
Save Their Worst for:
Gun nuts.
Flyover country rural uneducated whites.
Any one who utters a remark that is or can be construed as racist, sexist, or homophobic
Save Their Worst for:
Beer and shot conservatives save their worst for people who buy lobster with food stamps
Intellectual conservatives save their worst for people who played by all the rules that did everything the system told them to (worked hard, stayed moral) and still failed
Liberal not allowed to say
People far from privilege mostly brought their fate on by themself by being lazy and immoral
Conservative not allowed to say
I am a victim of prejudice due to my lack of privilege
Personal responsibility
People eventually may vote themselves the treasury
Dependent upon a virtuous polity and social norms which have been crumbling the past 40 years
See the other side
Acknowledge bourgeoisie morals do make a difference, a very big one in some cases
Don’t denigrate patriotism, you may not agree with everything the military is called to do but the fact is without them there wouldn’t be an America
See the other side
Empathize with people with talent, heart, and grit who haven’t gotten near as far as they should because of lack of privilege
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