Disability voices are generally not welcome in Christian spaces, especially Evangelical Christian ones.  I used to be a Christian but after experiencing firsthand as an individual with multipe disabilities how people with disabilities were treated in church and evangelical institutions I drop kicked my faith.

I still have a lot to say because unfortunately I’m not more than my disability to most people.

The Spy Mentality

Perhaps the thing I hate the most about Christianity is the spy mentality where if things go well we'll support you but if they don't we'll disavow any knowledge of your existence. This is definitely come more to the forefront as COVID has gone on and Christians still...

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Why God Hates Those With Disabilities

Hate is a strong word but it often isn't strong enough to describe how much God hates those of us with disabilities. Evangelical Christians support a political party that, through their actions, performs hatred for us. Let's be honest, if you support a political party...

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Yep, I’m Calling You a Liar

One of the most offensive things you can call a person with integrity is a liar. I'm calling you a liar but not so verbally, I'm letting my life speak to do so. You see, when you interact with me, an adult with a disability, you are suddenly beset with cognitive...

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Is God really near to those on the margins?

There is this Judeo Christian idea that God is near to those on the margins. It's a nice sentiment but it's unfalsifiable because those on the margins have no voice and if what they said went against the prevailing narrative they would be shot down rather quickly. In...

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The People Conservatives Save Their Worst For

"Beer and shot" conservatives get riled up seeing images on FOX News of people buying lobster with food stamps. But more educated conservatives (like a good portion of Wheaton alumni) save their worst for those of us who played by all the rules, did everything the...

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I Believe Good Comes From Suffering

As an actual person with a disability I do agree a lot of good comes from suffering just like you! It's good for making you a net drain on society instead of a net gain for it. There is little Evangelical Christians love more than people going on government healthcare...

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God on Twitter, “I hate it”.

God has a few reasons why he hates Twitter so much! Unfiltered disabled voices are finally seeing the light of day in their raw, undiluted form. Whether it be people on the spectrum who use alternative communication devices, people in wheelchairs, or those with...

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If you follow the Evangelical Christian system it’s almost imperative that you objectify folks with disabilities and project your redemptive suffering narratives upon them because the alternative works like an armor-of-God piercing bullet through the faith. 

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