I Believe Good Comes From Suffering

Feb 16, 2021

As an actual person with a disability I do agree a lot of good comes from suffering just like you!

It’s good for making you a net drain on society instead of a net gain for it. There is little Evangelical Christians love more than people going on government healthcare and dole. That’s why they support a political party so intent on increasing them. People whose lives didn’t go according to “God’s plan” (which is shorthand for success or at minimum a dignified existence) treat you really well when you go to church.

It’s good for making everyone but helping professionals stop having real conversations with you. Let’s face it as adult with a disability you are treated like garbage and as people age their conversations generally revolve around life gems (cars, houses, jobs) or emotional baggage. If all you possess is the latter people are going to get sick of you really quickly.

It’s good for stealing meaning from your life because the good things in your life like dignified work and relationships were the things that gave meaning, and are the very things disability often takes away. Highly principled people like to concoct some kind of “meaning” out of suffering but for the rest of us who just don’t want to be treated like garbage this does little good.

It’s good for alienating you because your life experience is so foreign to others. This causes you to lose the old friends you had and keeps new ones from entering your life.

It’s good for making you invisible when you want to be visible and visible when you want to be invisible. When you have something visibly wrong with you it’s incumbent upon you to make others in the room comfortable with the difference. When you don’t or can’t do this you will be judged.


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