Yep, I’m Calling You a Liar

Feb 27, 2021

One of the most offensive things you can call a person with integrity is a liar. I’m calling you a liar but not so verbally, I’m letting my life speak to do so. You see, when you interact with me, an adult with a disability, you are suddenly beset with cognitive dissonance because now you have to reconcile your negative reaction to me with the values you hold on paper. In judging me for not fitting what a person (or especially a Christian) should be you are exposing yourself to the fact that the idea people have innate worth is just something people say to virtue signal.

Everyone wants to believe they have innate worth and they’ll be loved for “who they really are” but then they proceed to treat adults with disabilities like garbage and this shows they just want this for them self. In my own life as an adult with a disability I’ve just gotten treated worse and worse each decade (well junior high was the worst but besides that blip adulthood has been worse than childhood). Part of this is because I am not connected to worth making entities such as houses, cars, a good job, etc.. and people pick up on this and treat me accordingly. As you get older capitalist definition of worth comes more and more into the picture.

It’s just a sad fact that some people’s lives do not go according to “God’s plan” and those people are treated like garbage in church as well as the secular world. The difference is in the Christian world there is an imperative to treat people as if things people say to virtue signal were actually true.


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