Why God Hates Those With Disabilities

Mar 9, 2021

Hate is a strong word but it often isn’t strong enough to describe how much God hates those of us with disabilities.

Evangelical Christians support a political party that, through their actions, performs hatred for us. Let’s be honest, if you support a political party that wants to take our protections and healthcare away, though you may not harbor any ill will for us in your heart, your actions still indicate your ill will. Republicans even voted down the United Nations disabilities treaty which would have affirmed protections for us throughout the world.

Mental illness means that a lot of us are experiencing exactly the opposite of what Christianity promises. One in four millennials has a mental illness (including myself). Despite what Christians reflexively say when pressed, through their music and worship it is affirmed that Christianity largely transpires on the seat of the emotion. Mental illness, particularly depression and its treatments often kills your emotions. Anxiety is basically God not showing up LOUDLY. And in some bipolar or schizophrenia one’s experience of God is even turned against them.

God’s people are going to drop out of your life and not enter it because of your disability and its fallout. Get ready to be treated like garbage in church, particularly as an adult. This is because you are often poor and have not achieved the prosperity expected of you by most forms of Evangelical Christianity. Christianity is performance art, a big part of it is selling the idea to other Christians that, indeed, you are actually a Christian. When you have a disability so much of your energy is just used up surviving so you don’t have any left over to perform.

Salvation is subject to the vagaries of one’s mind. Christianity is so made or broken by belief that it’s like dragging a freight train with the thread of a spider web. This particularly becomes into focus in people with autism who may not be able to make themselves believe in anything they can’t taste touch or see. You lose belief and you lose everything, like a small wire delivering power to a huge hospital that can get cut off any minute by an errant squirrel. Plus once you stop believing the belief no longer sustains you (especially if you had no positive experience of God) and it becomes a vicious cycle. So you experience God’s hatred, being burned for eternity.

People with disabilities are restrained from being given the right to speak on behalf of themselves because they are often a test case that show societies prevailing beliefs a lie. That’s why the most preeminent autism organization Autism Speaks doesn’t have any real autistic representation. And that is why the Protestant Vatican doesn’t include actual people with disabilities making decisions in its program for us. Evangelical Christianity is about test cases that work for the abled majority but not everyone. Edge cases where people’s experience of God is non existent or turned against them, people’s inability to believe in the supernatural, or total failure are not considered. People on the spectrum and those with mental illnesses often fail to build an image of God in their head that makes them function but are still gaslit about it from their religious peers.


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