The Spy Mentality

Jan 7, 2023

Perhaps the thing I hate the most about Christianity is the spy mentality where if things go well we’ll support you but if they don’t we’ll disavow any knowledge of your existence. This is definitely come more to the forefront as COVID has gone on and Christians still want to meet in person for things even though some vulnerable people just can’t. The gotcha with Christianity is if you become disabled and you don’t toe the line of concocting a redemptive narrative for your life to make those around you comfortable, you get disowned.

The Republicans blocking COVID funding in late 2022 can be seen as another manifestation of this. They only care about you while you are one of them. Once you are completely off their map, you become invisible to them. So since disability voices are utterly off their radar they have zero qualms about throwing us under the bus.


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