Before Therapy Can Work

This is blatantly obvious but for therapy to work one has to trust in the authority of the therapist.  I had a therapist lead me away from Christianity at an extremely vulnerable time in my life (just got a bipolar diagnosis, had no job, the girl I wanted to marry was ignoring me, etc..).  Suffice it to say I do not trust therapists.  That’s why I’m not being proactive finding one even though I’m supposed to be.

I have a hard time understanding why people give therapists any authority at all.  It sounds so ridiculous to me to pay someone to tell you you’re worth something.  Heck I’d tell you you’re worth something if you paid me!

Ramblings on Consumerism

Often times forces acting on behalf of the rich will demonize consumerism (sometimes known as materialism).  They want to drill in your head the idea that money doesn’t buy happiness.  While it doesn’t guarantee happiness, it does give one fertile ground where happiness can bloom.  The happiness one gets from being rich often is derived from the life satisfaction one feels because of being successful vocationally.  Part of this is simply the ability to keep company with the friends one always had.  Also since in America the state religion is consumerism, there are little gifts of affirmation those around the rich person bestow on them.  For example my big brother has a nice car and once a car full of girls was smiling and challenging him to a race.  Little bits of affirmation like that are a godsend to those of us who suffer from insecurity and depression.