Redpill Psychology

Jul 22, 2018 | For Therapists, Men's Rights, Self-Worth

Psychology has no conscience, it will give you the opposite thing depending upon who is paying whom.  I do not agree with all the things Redpill believe but I do believe they subscribe to a psychology that more correctly aligns with experienced reality.

Bluepill vs Redpill psychology rubric

Business to Consumer Psychology

Disseminated to person by proxy of therapist or book

You are enough

Business to Business Psychology

Sold to companies to manipulate consumers, affects person through levers of advertising and mobile apps and video games

Buy our junk or you’re a loser.  Stay on our app or you’ll miss out on friendship.

You possess innate worth Your worth is based on how you look and what you do and how rich/high status you are
Grounded in Sociology Grounded in Anthropology
Non reply of email isn’t telling Non reply of email is telling (Eric Schmidt)
“The Secret” Law of attraction – your thinking has huge influence on the way you’re perceived and  received Your looks, status/wealth, and the image you project are what influence the way you’re perceived and received
“Healthy” means becoming an atomized individual Healthy means prospering and becoming interdependent with virtuous people (and ideally being virtuous yourself)
You are culpable for your emotions

“Bitterness” being unhealthy
Emotions are points of weakness ripe for manipulation
Psychologize actions to keep the moral high ground

I won’t date him because he has low self esteem (when it really was his low status)

Cloak the fact that you are using psychology to get what you want
Man is basically good and with ample education will choose to do the right thing Man is a moral agent but starts out bent
Ego (freudian) Id (freudian)
What is going on in your head is what is making your life go wrong Bad actors and circumstances making your life go wrong
Dianetics Gordon Livingston books
Everyone is equal and we should strive to express the outworking of that in society Baked in hierarchies, lobster hierarchy
If you are different it’s incumbent upon society to become comfortable with said difference If you are different it’s incumbent upon you to make society comfortable with said difference
Self esteem at the expense of truth Truth at the expense of self esteem
How you feel is the most important How those in power over you (boss, parent, teacher) feel is most important
More attuned to women’s lived experience More attuned to men’s lived experience
Feminism uses it Men’s rights use it
Ramped up in 1980’s Lots of it is old fashioned

The point here is with a lot of these you can’t mix and match.  Redpill and Bluepill psychology are diametrically opposed even though they are both psychology.




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