A Negative By Default

Dec 30, 2018 | For Therapists, Men's Rights, Self-Worth

As a man, you are a negative by default. My mom is baby sitting some kids on her house and I still live at home. She does not bother to tell them I will be there because that is a negative because men are assumed to be pedophiles unless they can furnish enough evidence to prove otherwise.

Being a negative by default permeates every aspect of a man’s life. When he contacts a woman she assumes (often correctly) that he’s trying to get into her pants and thus generally gives him a negative response unless he is someone way up high.

Of course modern psychology is trying to get people to believe they have innate worth. If you are a man (particularly a man closer to the bottom) then you are a negative by default so your low self esteem is warranted. Of course that doesn’t keep modern psychology from guilting you over this.


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