rigid vs malleable

Jan 12, 2019 | For Therapists, Politics

A rubric for helping understand the conservative/liberal divide is rigid verses malleable. The obvious flashpoint being gender identity. Conservatives dig in and say biological sex always matches gender and liberals say it’s more fluid than that.

Modern psychology is all about most everything being malleable. An attitude change can change your life. Society will accept you if you give it your best. It has not worked that way for me at all. Part of what makes me view society is rigid is the fact that I have a physical disability which is an affront to the rest of the room’s comfort and it’s incumbent of me to put everyone at ease. However I am likely on the autistic spectrum and suffer from depression so I don’t have the tools to feel out the room for the correct way to make everyone feel at ease.

A lot of the alt right posits that people are like dynamos moving on a fixed trajectory. Women are only interested in the top 20 percent of men. Humankind is basically evil. There is a fixed pecking order. The issue here is the less malleable you think society the more you are going to play a role that remains fixed. And the less charisma and more depression you have the more the world is going to appear and actually be fixed for you because modifying your attitude and making the room warm up to you takes talent and effort.


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