Cures for Depression

Aug 8, 2019 | Disability, Mental Illness, Self-Worth

I cured depression! I am diligently working on my Nobel Prize acceptance speech. I actually have 3 cures:

Shame it away. Shame is powerful and sets people straight. If you shame depression away it disappears. You are a terrible person for having depression, it’s your fault you don’t have the will power to get control of your mood.

Abuse it away. When you have a chronic condition that makes you less and less useful in society, expect you taking up more space to be met with abuse, especially if you are low in society already. Abuse works wonders for depression. It is so wonderful that when you experience it you pass it on to your kids and others around you!

Guilt it away. Despair is a sin. If you don’t have access to God the best thing someone can do is guilt you about it and tell you you are a piece of excrement for being depressed. Your depression is due to your lack of character. You are obviously not right with God.


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