Trump Will Win This One

Sep 29, 2020 | Politics

I have spent the last sixteen years in Wisconsin and Michigan, two states that are in play this election.  I agree with Michael Moore, I think Trump is going to win this one.  You don’t get that feeling if you just pay attention to the media and Twitter but those of us on the ground feel it.  A dairy farmer friend back in Wisconsin confessed this to me as did a nurse here in Michigan who follows politics pretty closely.

At issue here is hope is gone here for most of us here in flyover country, certainly those of us (which are many) who aren’t winning at late stage capitalism.  Hamilton and Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP are both rap but they neatly describe the disparate realities of those of us on one side or the other.  The Hamilton people already have hope and a future and they are doing well enough so they naturally want government to go back to being a smoothly functioning appliance one doesn’t have to think about.  Eminem people don’t fucking have anything to lose, they just want to throw sand in the engine at this point.  Looking at the newspaper help wanted ads and seeing three janitor jobs.  Some of these people lit up for Bernie but not so much for Biden.  Biden just means going back to feeding the big banks so late stage capitalism’s cogs operate smoothly.  

Trump’s policies do negatively impact these people (like the Medicaid work requirement) but these people vote with their hearts not their heads.  They are hurting and wounded people act alarmingly like wounded animals not using their faculties of logic.  These people don’t want to vote the way people who don’t give a shit about them vote.  They are resentful of elite urban liberals who have pulled away from them and (incidentally) packed the $180 a seat Hamilton showing when it finally came to Grand Rapids this year.

Trump tempts even me, a moderately intelligent educated Bernie supporter who almost believes in God.  My vocation has been gutted by outsourcing and so when Trump fired the Tennessee Valley Authority chair over outsourcing some tech jobs I had this feeling, despite all the bad he has done, that he was on my side.  And that’s all that matters for these voters.   And there are a lot of them.


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