Cut the Cocoon

Oct 5, 2020 | Christianity, Politics

One of the things God really hates is Twitter. He hates it because it’s ugly and nasty. What do you expect the true voices of the marginalized to sound like, puppies and rainbows? The whole thrust of Judeo-Christian religion involved telling those on the bottom the lie that God was close to those on the margins mainly so they would shut up and not fight for their rights. The truth is anything you say about those on the margins is unfalsifiable because people with no voice say that runs counter to those in power’s narrative will be shut down quickly. That doesn’t happen on Twitter! You can shout those on the margins down but you can’t shut them up.

Another reason God hates Twitter is more nuanced. According to the Bible the secret things of a person’s heart were meant to be judged by God, not people. Twitter short circuits this with campaigns like #metoo and #blacklivesmatter. It’s as if people’s sins were resting in a cocoon until judgement and humankind via Twitter cut the cocoon instead of letting the sins emerge and take flight in the seat of judgement.


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