Religion and Mental Illness

Apr 5, 2021 | Christianity, Mental Illness

Most of Christianity promises positive experiences of God for adherents and converts. The experience of mental illness is exactly the opposite of this. So if Christianity could cure or even do a serviceable job of treating mental illness we would expect the zoomers to be the most religious generation (as about 50% of them have a mental illness). However what we end up seeing in the opposite. Each successive generation has more mental illness and less religiosity than the previous one. I don’t think this is a coincidence because in my and many other’s experience religion doesn’t help with mental illness at all. If religion truly helped mental illness churches would be packed with millennials and zoomers.

People pushing religion have doubled down on their extravagant promises of “God’s presence” but are finding fewer takers because the people who can concoct some kind of experience of God with their brains that isn’t toxic are few and far between.


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