They Lie, You Die

Sep 4, 2021 | Politics

As you may well know over 1,000 people are dying of COVID per day as of today September 4, 2021. About 95% of COVID deaths are of unvaccinated individuals. That means if everybody were vaccinated we’d contend with around 50 deaths per day instead of 1,000. Basically a we’d have a September 11 every two months instead of more than twice a week.

What makes these deaths especially emotionally rending is a lot of these people didn’t realize they were being lied to. And the authority they were bending to such as posts on social media is amorphous so there is no way to hold any single entity culpable. We were hunter gatherers most of our evolution and assigned a chieftain to lead the tribe. He was not a despot. If he didn’t lead well securing food and water for the tribe his days of authority were numbered. With the authority we have now which often comes via the media and social media there is no real way to hold someone’s feet to the fire. In ancient Mesopotamia in the Code of Hammurabi an engineer could be put to death if the building they designed fell on people. What we have now is exactly the opposite, nobody is culpable for anything using the cover of “free speech”.

However when we look to how things perform in the engine of late stage capitalism we discover there are forces put in place to make things work with the grain of our nature. For example finding jobs often works more like our tribal nature where a friend vouches for you for a position the idea being that if that hire didn’t turn out their feet are put to the fire. And when an incident actually goes against the grain of late stage capitalism it is set right right away. For example when a day care center painted Disney characters on their wall they got sued right away.

But capitalism and social media algorithms don’t care about life, they are just designed to get us addicted and spending as much as possible. It’s especially heart wrenching when the lies produce unnecessary death.


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