say what you want about stick up men and the dirty deed they perform but at least they’re honest if asked they would tell you they’re not here to dialogue some of my friends on the right need to learn from stick up men a threat to life and livelihood is not dialogue there is […]

Exercise Guilting

An exercise that happens all too often in mental health circles is exercise guilting.  They tell people physical exercise can treat depression (without giving any details about how much) and then when it isn’t working (generally for people with more severe depression) they move the stakes and say things like “you’re doing it wrong” or […]

The Tech Industry’s Psychological War on Kids

I have always understood psychology to be an enemy if not the enemy. From an article on how digital media is messing up kids: As a child and adolescent psychologist myself, the inevitable conclusion is both embarrassing and heartbreaking. The destructive forces of psychology deployed by the tech industry are making a greater impact on […]

Redpill Psychology

Psychology has no conscience, it will give you the opposite thing depending upon who is paying whom.  I do not agree with all the things Redpill believe but I do believe they subscribe to a psychology that more correctly aligns with experienced reality. Bluepill vs Redpill psychology rubric Business to Consumer Psychology Disseminated to person […]

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